About Us

We stand for universal kindness, observing the good in others, empowering individuals to discover their voice and support their needs through creating cause based programs.

Founded in 2021, Causability.org is an educational platform for nonprofits and changemakers. Causability is about cause and effect. We want donors and other supporters to know the story behind a cause and to see the real world benefits from donations.

Our Story

As a painter, I know what it’s like to be a struggling artist, trying to make money with my art. In 2019, I started a business, Art for Your Cause, to help artists keep more money from the sales from their art. 

I’m also a donor who wants to give money to make the world a better place, so I know how challenging it is to find worthy causes, run with integrity and transparency. I couldn’t find a place where sincere changemakers could breathe life into meaningful causes. This got me thinking:

  • What about people (like artists) who want to help others, but can’t afford to?
  • What about people who use peer-to-peer platforms to raise money, but the fees are eating into their donations? 
  • What about donors who want more information about where their money is going? 
  • What about donors who want to create their own causes?

To meet these challenges, I founded Causability, with the support of my family. It’s been an interesting year! We parted ways with consultants who didn’t share our values; as we worked long hours to satisfy the IRS’s strict requirements. After 9 months of waiting, we received our approval letter. 

As I continue to study the nonprofit landscape, I am blown away by the facts: 69% of all nonprofit donations come from individuals rather than grants or government subsidies. Those donations amount to over $400 billion/year. Most of these are single donations of $5-10. These facts ignited my passion even further. 

My dream of a Cause community has come true. With Causability.org (and sister organization, Causability.fund), changemakers can work together on shared passions. I’m excited about how many people we’ve already helped. Our first Cause Creator, a professional soccer team, doubled their fundraising goal — to buy hats for their loyal fans! They got the money quickly and directly. 

We’re sharing the love. It’s more than a donation, you’re part of creating a new community. You’ll see the effect from your cause and how it changes the world.

And this is only the beginning. Join us.  

Liz London

Our Philanthropic Purpose

The definition of philanthropy is the ‘love of humankind’.

The definition of ‘Causability’ is to provide humankind the ‘ability’ to share their love for causes’.

Causability is a common unity. A ‘community’.

Our Mission

We empower individuals and communities by providing a hub of learning resources for the creation of effective, sustainable and impactful causes.
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