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Causability exists for one purpose… to provide noble causes with the ability to succeed.  We love people and our planet, believing humanity has the power to create responsible, sustainable and equitable commerce, trade and societies.  We relentlessly strive toward this end.

Enabling cause-based initiatives to succeed


Imagine a world where all people have access to the resources they need to live their lives with dignity and opportunity – one where we deeply connect to each other and find ways to realize our potential.

We envision a world where nationality, gender, and geography are not hindrances to achieving one’s dreams.

This can be a reality, and we don’t need to wait on anyone… we have the power.


We’re on a mission to find and support the most philanthropic and disruptive business models in existence, and use those vehicles to drastically change the way we provide for social and environmental causes.

Joining forces with the best organizations, entrepreneurs, social investors and technology partners creates opportunities to offer globally disruptive solutions to underserved populations.

If you plan to disrupt the way philanthropic business is done, we’d love to hear from you!

Causability Foundation

What We Do

We capitalize ventures that result in high levels of social and economic impact, and are deeply committed to prioritizing impact over financial returns. Our goal is to provide disruptive ideas, technologies and organizations with the support they need to impact our societies.

We are aligned with advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and seek to focus on the following objectives:

SDG #1

SDG #2

SDG #5

SDG #8

SDG #10

SDG #13

SDG #14

SDG #15

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Our Projects

We consider working with both existing ventures and startups who meet our capitalization criteria, all on a case by case basis.

Projects relating to the following sectors are seen favorably:

Sustainable Agriculture

Local Farming

Manufacturing & Services

Micro-Grid Independence


Cultural Institutions

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How We Work

We provide capital to social ventures and cultural institutions in the following formats:
  • Charitable impact investment 
    • Investment that is intended to make impact and meets IRS charitability requirements.
  • Charitable non-investment 
    • Gift or charitable grants intended to generate impact rather than financial return.
We work with Donor Advised Funds (DAFs), foundations, and other charitable organizations as a 501(c)(3) private foundation recipient to receive grants, recoverable grants, or loans from.  We redistribute that capital to qualified, charitable, for-profit and select not-for-profit programs.

Our Approach

Our core philosophy allows us to use a disciplined and creative approach to sourcing, analyzing and capitalizing philanthropic endeavors.

Investment Objective

0 x

3x Return on Charitable Investment per project

0 SDGs

Support projects that address a minimum of three (3) target SDGs at once

0 +

Create long-term impact
(10+ years per project)

Know More About Our

Investment Philosophy

  1. Very few donors recommend impact investments, and few sponsors facilitate such investments. As such, we believe there are an enormous number of missed opportunities to use DAFs for making impact investments.
  2. We believe that traditional non-profit strategies are not the ideal methodologies to address the vast amount of charitable need. Therefore, we seek to identify and invest in financial, operational and ownership models that outperform current methodologies.
  3. While the vast majority of foundations and donors using DAFs issue one-time, non-recoverable grants to support critical local and national charitable organizations, we believe that for-profit companies, products and projects are well suited for market interventions for specific cause areas; with the ability to make larger social gains, and providing additional opportunities for commercial investment.
  4. We believe that a key measure of impact is determined by the amount of both tangible and intangible benefits to targeted beneficiaries.  With this in mind:
    1. We seek the highest return on our charitable dollars. 
    2. Rather than provide one-time donations to various charitable organizations, which are then consumed and never replaced, we place our funds where they can be returned and put back to charitable work multiple times.
  5. We prefer to invest in proven, recurring cash flow, and believe DAFs and foundations have the ability to acquire sources of recurring revenue which is subsequently utilized for social and charitable purposes.

Investment Criteria

We consider capitalizing companies that meet the criteria below. To be considered, these criteria are minimum requirements.


    1. The organization is currently governed by, or willing to adopt, clauses in the organization’s operating agreement or bylaws that are in agreement with the suggested clauses as described by B-Labs.
    2. B-Labs certified companies are preferred, but not required.
    3. Disruptive and highly impactful financial, operational and/or ownership models required.
    4. Causability Inc. will have the option to participate as a Board Observer.


We find the following conditions to be those which are optimal for charitable investment, instead of or in addition to a grant:

  1. Projects with capital gaps that are not addressed by governments, development banks, traditional investors, incubators or accelerators.
  2. Organizations must have insurmountable investment obstacles that can be solved only by charitable investment.
  3. Projects and/or Organizations must provide measurable and significant local and/or global impact.
  4. Charitable investments must demonstrate the ability to incite additional investment from both market and charitable sources.
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