Are you a nonprofit leader ready to make a difference?
Is it hard for you to explain your Story (passion, mission, and impact)?
Do you want to join a community of changemakers?


Storytelling isn’t just words, it’s a real skill that you can learn! Using narrative techniques, you can create more memorable, effective messaging: in branding, marketing, and fundraising. Stories deepen connections and build bridges like no other form of communication. 

Humans think in narratives.  When we tell stories, we foster empathy, enriching and enabling us to form nurturing relationships. Oral and written communication is more impactful when you tell a story, especially for nonprofits looking to raise money and awareness for a meaningful cause.

On WEDNESDAY, JULY 27th at 1:00 PM EST, is offering: a dynamic, free 60-minute "CAUSABILTY STORYTELLING COMMUNITY WORKSHOP"

And you'll learn about Causability...

…a non-profit here to help changemakers and begin to build community with like-minded folks, United we stand!

We’ll be interactive — with a conversation about why & where a story builds bridges, an example of the process, followed by a Q&A.

This workshop will be led by Gail Thomas, a public speaker, storyteller, actor, lawyer and storytelling coach who has turned her own tough times into stories. Between cancer, car crashes, relationship breakups, etc, Gail has learned to find humor and humanity in scary times.

SIGN UP NOW! Spaces are limited, so go for it!

You'll learn how storytelling skills can help your cause:

Find its unique voice

Stand out in a crowd

Build trust for authentic connections

Raise money for your cause

Grow awareness & support

Recruit staff & volunteers

Motivate your supporters

And who knows? Just grow!

You'll work with:

Liz London

The Founder of Causability

Gail Thomas

Master Storytelling Coach and Cause Consultant

Other passionate changemakers like yourself

painting liz

About Liz London & Causability

As a painter, I know what it’s like to be a struggling artist, trying to make money with my art. I’m also a donor who wants to give money to make the world a better place, so I know how challenging it is to find worthy causes, run with integrity and transparency. I couldn’t find a place where sincere changemakers could breathe life into meaningful causes.

To meet these challenges, I founded Causability, a new kind of nonprofit, combining education with community, partnering with the platform. We help Cause Generators individuals with worthy causes, Donors who want more information about where their money is going, while building community between these changemakers.

For more information go to,

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About your Storytelling Coach

Gail Thomas is a storytelling consultant, coach and keynote speaker. She works with celebrities, leaders in the business and nonprofit world, helping them find the right words and stories to inspire and make an impact.

A former lawyer, Gail has over 20 years of multimedia writing experience, as a content strategist and writer. As a speechwriter, Gail has written for over 30 live world-class events, such as the Tribeca Film Festival and Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Los Angeles, crafting speeches and talking points for celebrities, politicians and executives, including Martin Scorsese and Bill Clinton.

Gail also has over 30 years of performance experience, as an actor, storyteller, improviser, sketch and standup comic. She is a Moth StorySLAM winner and performs in storytelling shows all over NYC. She is certified in Reiki, and LOVES kundalini yoga, travel and dogs. For more information, go to

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