Fundraising Incentives

Offer Gifts with a Donation

Built on the power of kindness and generosity, non-profits understand how nice it is to receive a gift. As a non-profit, what can you give back to your donors?

Offering a gift with a donation to your cause’s supporters is not only a nice way to let them know they are appreciated but also an effective incentive.

Give a Gift Back to Your Donors

Your cause is fueled by your passion and the kind gifts of ones who support your cause. Offering a gift back your donors can go a long way in building enthusiasm and loyalty amongst your supporters.

Of course, it’s not that you want donators to contribute to your cause just to get a cool water bottle. The focus is and will always be your cause.

Still, when you add an incentive, like a small gift of appreciation, it lets donors know you care about them being part of your community, and it gives them a chance to showcase how they feel about your cause.

The best gift you can give a donor is something branded. That means it has your logo, website, or other important details on it.

Give a Branded Product

When you offer a small, yet well-branded gift with a donation, it sweetens the deal for your donors. Many non-profits even choose to offer different gifts corresponding to the amount of the donation.

Here is a quick example of gift incentives for non-profit donors:

Plus, when you outfit donors with your swag, it does at least two great things:

Donors will get excited about wearing or using your branded gifts because it will make them feel more involved, showcase their support, and help them tell others about your cause.

Nonprofit Hub explains “Many people want to demonstrate their support for nonprofits. It not only reassures them that they’re making an impact with their donations, but it can also draw new supporters to an organization that they care about.”

You may be surprised by how positively your donors respond to even simple products, like a well-designed sticker. They may even open the package and directly post it on social media, tagging your non-profit and using your hashtag. Just like that, awareness for your cause is spreading!

Get Donations With Causability

It’s up to you and your non-profit to sit down and strategize what kind of gifts your supporters would be most jazzed to have and what makes the most sense for your organization.

Whatever great things come out of your brainstorm session, you will need a consistent and user-friendly place for your supporters to make online donations. 

Sign up with Causability, and you’ll be able to craft a sleek, customizable donations page. In just a few minutes, you’ll be ready to start funding your cause!

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