From No Way to Hell Yeah!

How to hear YES faster, more frequently, and with less follow up.

From board, supporters or sponsors!



July 13, 2022 | 12PM CST

Are you tired of hearing “NO” when you ask for something for your organization?

Or worse, hearing NOTHING AT ALL?

Do you feel stuck because you are afraid to ask?

Do you fumble through objections or have trouble steering conversations to a productive close?

Are you ready for a new approach that will get you the results you’ve been wanting?

Are you ready for a new approach that will get you the results you’ve been wanting?

Maryanne will share why you may be hearing no, and three secrets proven to turn that around!

Bring your questions, your biggest objections or your chronic frustrations! Let’s bust through the barriers and start getting what you want, need and deserve.

What is the #1 reason you are not getting what you want?


Meet Maryanne:

Maryanne Dersch coaches and trains nonprofit leaders to master the art of influence, so they can raise more money without feeling rejected or pushy. Her “effervescent badassery” calls you to be more influential in your work and life.

She has spent almost thirty years working in the nonprofit world helping organizations communicate more effectively internally and externally. From those experiences she authored, Courageous Communication: Why codependence is making your nonprofit brand boring and what to do about it. She also produces and hosts The Influential Nonprofit podcast and the annual Donor Attraction Forum virtual event.

She is leading a movement to change “nonprofit” to “human investment company” to accurately reflect the contributions of the sector. She’s known for her love of ultrahigh heels, extra-large Diet Cokes, and short karaoke rotations.

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