Are you a CAUSE CREATOR with a worthy cause?

We're CAUSABILITY, a new kind of nonprofit! Offering a "concierge" service to help your cause succeed.

What Makes Us Different from Other Nonprofits?

We re-frame the old mindset of fundraising into a cause campaign, where the primary focus is on the effect and who or what benefits from the cause. 

To build stronger bridges, we substitute “causes” for the word fundraisers. This approach focuses communities on what’s most important: the ability to create, and share stories and to foster sustainability.

Our Stakeholders:

  • Cause Creators – Passionate, caring individuals or organizations ready to take action to make the world a better place.
  • Cause Consultants – Experts ready to educate and support Cause Creators.
  • Cause Supporters – Donors and Volunteers ready to give time and money to a worthy cause.

Our Mission

We empower individuals and communities by providing a hub of learning resources for the creation of effective, sustainable and impactful causes.

Are you ready to create an effective cause?
Causability will teach you storytelling skills, while offering more community fundraising options, and resources.

We unite communities by bringing passionate, committed, talented changemakers TOGETHER to raise money for worthy causes.

We own, a unique peer-to-peer fundraising platform, similar to Kickstarter and GoFundMe only better. Because is a nonprofit, the fees are lower and donations go straight to the Causes. This enables to have no hidden or monthly fees.

Recent Causes raised money for: 

  • Scholarships for underserved autistic communities.
  • Hats for soccer team supporters.
  • Patient advocacy care in memory of a neglected soul.

We know that no matter what your cause is, it’s what matters most.

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