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Did You Know?

79% of all donations made in the United States are made by individual donors. That is why crowd-funding can be such an effective method of reaching your fundraising goals. Causability gives you the tools and support you need to raise funds that will make a difference in your community, and the world.

What is Causability?

Causability is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan, community cause-based fundraising organization with a mission to primarily advance and give voices to the civic empowerment of artists and art communities through fundraising utilizing hybrid/in person or online events, workshops, seminars, community outreach, training, and education.

Founded in 2021, Causability is composed of committed professional experts, business and community leaders, establishing itself as a unique nonpartisan fundraising platform dedicated to individual and community participation. We believe that everyone is equal no matter gender, religious or political beliefs. Based in the Greater Dallas, TX area, Causability’s fundraising influence includes the entire United States.

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Step 1

Sign up on the Causability platform and enter information about your organization or campaign. 

Step 2

Set your fundraising goals on your causes profile page. Upload your logo, brand colors, photos, and video to help people connect with your mission.

Step 3

Share and distribute your campaigns profile page and start collecting donations instantly. 

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