Our Mission
& Purpose

Causability (cause-ability) directly funds creators through Creator Grants enabling collaborative educational programs within their local nonprofit communities (causes).

Are You A Creative Activist With A Worthy Cause?
Yes, I am a creative activist with a passionate mission to not just help myself, but my local community through the development of educational projects.
Are You An Activist & Cause Supporter?
Yes, I want to support collaboration between creative activists and communities

What Makes Us Different from Other Nonprofits?

We’re reframing the old mindset of fundraising, programs and nonprofits, into ’causes’, to provide a primary focus on the effect, potential, and results and who or what benefits from the cause.

One of our goals is to facilitate and build stronger bridges between creators and communities.  We simply substitute “causes” for the word nonprofit emphasizing holistically on the local communities needs, from educational events, programs to fundraising.

This approach focuses on what’s most important: the ability to empower and fund creatives fueling their passion to provide cause based education to their local communities.

We believe in supporting creators by financially empowering them through collaborating with a local nonprofit community.

Causability grants support conscious, creative individuals to create educational programs within their communities that:

  • Therapeutically Foster Both Individual & Community Healing 
  • Demonstration Through Delivering Diversity
  • Influencing Through Inclusion
  • Powering Progress By Serving Sustainably
  • Empowering Economic Equality & Justice
  • Providing Healthy Alternative Resources That Support Sustainability & Biodiversity For Humans, Animals And The Planet

*We support equality, diversity, equity and inclusion to all persons regardless of their gender, race or economic background; especially and communities that are traditionally underserved.

Examples of cause categories:



Arts & Culture

Civil Rights & Social Action

Disaster Relief



(Humanitarian, LGBTQ+)

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