Causability Foundation

Enabling Cause-Based Initiatives To Succeed

About Us

Causability exists for one purpose… to provide noble causes with the ability to succeed.  We love people and our planet, believing humanity has the power to create responsible, sustainable and equitable commerce, trade and societies.  We relentlessly strive toward this end.

Causability Foundation

What We Do

We capitalize ventures that result in high levels of social and economic impact, and are deeply committed to prioritizing impact over financial returns. Our goal is to provide disruptive ideas, technologies and organizations with the support they need to impact our societies.

We are aligned with advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and seek to focus on the following objectives:

SDG #1

  • No Poverty:
    We lift people out of poverty

SDG #2

  • Zero Hunger:
    We help people feed themselves and others

SDG #5

  • Gender Equality:
    We uplift rural women globally

SDG #8

  • Decent Work and Economic Growth:
    We create jobs and help underserved populations have affordable access to capital

SDG #10

  • Support the Marginalized and Disadvantaged:
    We support initiatives that directly serve the most underserved populations globally

SDG #13

  • Climate Action:
    Our initiatives provide for sustainable agriculture and farming methods

SDG #14

  • Life Below Water:
    We work to ensure our global water sources are clean and able to support their proper ecosystems

SDG #15

  • Life on Land:
    Our projects capitalize programs and initiatives that support responsible stewardship of natural resources

Be a Part Of

Our Projects

We consider working with both existing ventures and startups who meet our capitalization criteria, all on a case by case basis.

Projects relating to the following sectors are seen favorably:

Sustainable Agriculture

Local Farming

Manufacturing & Services

Micro-Grid Independence

  • Energy
  • Water


Cultural Institutions

  • Museums
  • Arts

Our Approach

Our core philosophy allows us to use a disciplined and creative approach to sourcing, analyzing and capitalizing philanthropic endeavors.
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