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Application Deadline: May 31, 2024

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Why do we offer grants?

Causability realizes that oftentimes artists are often asked to donate their art or time to nonprofits and do not receive remuneration. We believe that this mindset can contribute to an undeserved or ‘starving artist’ stereotype. 

We also believe that artists, nonprofits and communities can benefit much more from collaborating together on a project rather than just one time ‘gifting’ their art away. 

Therefore, we’re offering three $5K grants to empower and encourage collaboration:

Each grant is $5000.00 providing artists the ability to collaboratively develop an art related event, program or fundraiser with a local nonprofit.

We Empower Creators to Partner with Nonprofits

Causability (Grantor) is one of the only nonprofit organizations in the United States providing direct grants (grantees) to artists, providing them the ability to collaborate with nonprofits (causes), to co-create programs while mutually benefiting both themselves and a community. 

Causability grants are meant to support the work and practice of artists currently not working with nonprofits, and are specifically for developing new programs with nonprofits (causes) through a mutual collaboration.                                                     

Grants recipients (artists) are available to use all mediums and disciplines, although special emphasis is on primarily developing events or programs (causes) assisting underserved and/or socio-economically marginalized areas. 

The collaboration must include one or more of the following disciplines:

  • A program for special events, workshops or performances, focusing on audience participation to unite and foster interactivity, building community through the use of visual arts, dance, theater, and music.  It also must be mutually beneficial to the nonprofit and the community it serves with full collaboration from the artists. 
  •  A program can be designed and used as a vehicle for fundraising. The fundraising program must be focused on fostering community involvement, while simultaneously uplifting and providing resources within the community. 

Funding for Causability’s grants comes from foundation grants, individual supporters, and revenue percentages from our partner site Art For Your Cause.

Examples of cause categories:



Arts & Culture

Civil Rights & Social Action

Disaster Relief



(Humanitarian, LGBTQ+)

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